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The Old Man & The Sea

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Our Story

Back Story

Established in 2008 in the historic old capital of Aruba, Savaneta, the Hemmingway-inspired restaurant takes romantic dining to a new level as the only restaurant in Aruba that offers a private overwater cabana dining experience.

The cuisine is a mixture of local dishes with an international flair. We pride ourselves on only using the highest quality ingredients, having fresh catches of the day, and top-quality meats imported from the best distributors in the world.


When making a reservation to our restaurant you can include your transportation by one of our provide drivers. 

Options in Seating

Private Over Water Cabana

Exclusively for guests of the hotel, we offer an overwater cabana for an unforgettable dining experience.

Beachside Dining

Limited seating

Dip your toes in the sand and watch the sunset from your seat.

Limited seating creates an intimate atmosphere, encouraging a sense of privacy, enhancing your connection, and fostering a romantic ambiance.

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